Some taxpayers outraged over Proposition 30

FRESNO, California

Business and taxpayer groups opposed to Proposition 30 gathered in Fresno. They say taxes should not be raised in a down economy. But some students and educators at Fresno State say the initiative would give education a much needed $6 billion boost.

"There's nothing in there about higher education but even that's irrelevant," Jon Coupal said. "There's no provision in there that adds new money to the education budget."

Sean Kiernan said, "Section 2, paragraph G explicitly states that this money goes to schools and to point out that some money would go to other sources as if that somehow means that doesn't go to schools now is just abhorrently dishonest."

A new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California shows 48 percent of people surveyed support Proposition 30 while 44 percent do not. Eight percent were undecided.

In the video, Action News reporter Dale Yurong has complete coverage on the story.

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