Closer look at District 2 Fresno City Council race

FRESNO, California

A council seat at Fresno City Hall is what they seek. Pat Di Cicco and Steve Brandau are both bald with goatees, pro-business and anti-tax crusaders. Pat Di Cicco spent much of his life helping to run the family restaurants around the Valley.

Di Cicco said, "Fresno's been very good to me and my family so it's a great opportunity for me to give back to the community and I think I have a lot to offer."

Steve Brandau coordinates Central Valley Tea Party activities and owns a carpet cleaning business.

"I'm not just doing this to give back to Fresno," Brandau said. "I'm doing this because we need to save Fresno. It's a very critical time in our history."

While they may share some of the same political philosophies Brandau says it's easy to distinguish between the two.

"The difference is we may sound the same on paper but in reality I'm a man of action," Brandau said. "We might both say we're tax fighters but I'm the head of a tax fighting organization."

Pat Di Cicco says he has lived in District Two since 1968 and believes he knows how to get Fresno back on track.

Di Cicco said, "My primary goal is to reduce the red tape downtown to make it more user friendly for small business to expand and for other businesses to want to come to Fresno."

Not only are the signs in place, so are the supporters. Pat Di Cicco is endorsed by Fresno County Supervisor Susan Anderson and School Superintendent Larry Powell. Steve Brandau has the support of council members Lee Brand and Clint Olivier.

Pat Di Cicco was the top vote-getter in June with 25 percent of the vote while Steve Brandau was second with 22 percent. Fresno's city council District Two race certainly will be one to watch November sixth.

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