Merced police investigating fast food thefts

FRESNO, Calif.

The robbery happened Sunday night at the McDonalds on 13th and R Streets in Merced during open business hours.

No one was injured during the robbery but the incident did scare employees who were inside at the time. Police have not made an arrest but are looking at surveillance video to identify the suspect.

The McDonalds restaurant on R and 13th Street in Merced is the latest business to be hit by an armed robber.

Merced police say a Hispanic male in his twenties entered the restaurant Sunday night around 8:45 and pointed a gun at employees. The suspect made off with an undisclosed amount of cash after demanding money from the safe.

This is the second time the same McDonalds has been hit within the past two weeks. Police are investigating whether the same suspect hit twice.

Another McDonalds on Motel Drive was hit last month. These businesses are the latest in the recent string of armed robberies that have impacted many businesses in the area.

The police department has seen a 60 percent increase in overall robberies this year.

Tony Dossetti is a council member for the City of Merced and former police chief.

He says although the recent uptick in armed robberies is alarming people shouldn't shy away from their daily routine.

"You can't be intimidated by these things, you have to carry on your life as you would at any other time," Dossetti said.

Police say they need the public to step up and raise its level of awareness.

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