Fresno woman kicks intruder out of her home, literally

FRESNO, Calif.

It all started early Sunday morning, when /*Jannine Ramirez*/, 20, and her mother arrived home and saw a light outside their apartment covered. A window was also open. "As soon as I saw the window open I knew someone had broken in. So as soon as the door opened I was in the zone, I was ready to find out who this person was," said Ramirez.

Jannine went inside the apartment and then heard water running from inside the bathroom. The person on the other side told her he lived there. "I stepped back, I kicked it open. I didn't recognize the guy. The guy came at me. I kicked the guy; the guy fell all the way through the doors to the back through the doors," said Ramirez.

The kicks threw the suspect into the shower doors. Still, Jannine didn't stop kicking until the man was outside. Neighbors helped detain him until Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies arrived. They said the suspect, Wilberto Zapata, 18, was intoxicated and told deputies he thought he had broken into his own home. "He didn't go to the hospital. But he did make some comments afterward that he was surprised how hard she kicked him," said Fresno County Sheriff's Dept. spokesperson Chris Curtice.

Zapata was cited for unlawful entry to a dwelling. He returned to the apartment Sunday to apologize.

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