Valley families wait for word from loved ones

FRESNO, Calif.

26 year old Jazmin Beucher is connecting with her family through facebook. She read a post from her aunt in Connecticut, who said "oh my, I can actually feel my apartment building vibrate from all these high winds". Beucher said she has family in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina, and the updates have been sparse as her family members continuously lose power. She says, I'm "terrified, I didn't know what was going through their minds, I was just scared for them".

She's not the only one who's afraid. The ABC30 facebook page is buzzing with comments. One woman said, her entire family is on the eastern seabord and she's "uber stressed" as some of her relatives are police and firefighters. Others reported weather conditions. Some expressed concern about valley residents, who are traveling back east. Jeyzel Fonseca sent us a tweet saying "we're from Hanford but safe in Long Island, NY, if you can, please show this and let our family and friends know we're safe."

In the meantime, PG&E crews here in the Central Valley are packed and ready to go. Denny Boyles said, "Utilities will cooperate, there's a lot of similarities with what we do, we're able to send about 150 workers and equipment to help, restoring customers on the east coast after the storm has moved out". Boyles said those crews will head east within the next few days.

Governor Jerry Brown said the National Guard sent helicopters and Pararescue teams. Brown said more than 80 emergency responders are ready to go; they're just waiting for the call.

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