New York Stock Exchange will reopen Wednesday

FILE - In this Monday, Oct. 29, 2012 file photo, the floor of the New York Stock Exchange is empty of traders, as New York's financial district braces for the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy. U.S. markets will remain closed Tuesday, Oct. 30, but the New York Stock Exchange said that despite reports that its historic trading floor suffered irreparable damage, no such damage has occurred and that contingency plans are being tested only as a safety measure. Futures trading will go on until 9:15 a.m. Eastern, but volume is light. (Richard Drew, File)

October 30, 2012 12:00:00 AM PDT
The New York Stock Exchange will reopen for regular trading Wednesday after being shut down for two days because of Hurricane Sandy.

The exchange said in a statement Tuesday that its building and trading floor are fully operational.

Tuesday marks the first time since 1888 that the NYSE remained closed for two consecutive days due to weather. The last time was due to a massive snow storm.

Sections of Manhattan were inundated with water and power was shut off to thousands of people and businesses.

Global markets rebounded Tuesday, though trading was subdued in the wake of the storm.