How Sandy is impacting business & your pocketbook

October 31, 2012 12:15:44 AM PDT
The storm is also impacting Valley based companies that have offices on the East Coast. Workers at Clovis based Pelco by Schneider Electric are relieved no one at their New York offices was hurt by Sandy. But the powerful storm is impacting the way the company is operating for about a week.

John Roman's east coast colleagues have been sending him photos of toppled trees blocking neighborhoods and downed power lines. "The first priority obviously was the safety of the people and their families, so things started to get very difficult yesterday," Roman said.

Pelco has an office in Orangeburg, New York located about 30 miles from the New York Stock Exchange. On Monday afternoon, those New York staffers were asked to leave the building for the day. "Most of the issues we had in that area have been wind related. There are a number of trees that are down, power lines that are down," said Roman.

No one at the company was hurt during the storm. The New York offices will be closed for 6-10 days. The company is also facing business related flight cancellations caused by the storm.