Senator Dianne Feinstein visits Fresno

FRESNO, California

"The United States of America has the lowest taxes since 1955," Feinstein said. "That's a fact, and I think people don't understand that."

To foreign policy.

As chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee she defended President Obama against critics who blame him for failing to provide enough security for the U.S. Ambassador who was slain in Libya.

"The attack is against the President of the United States that he should have known exactly the compliment of security at the consultant in Ben Ghazi," Feinstein said. "That's impossible ladies and gentleman, that's like asking Jerry Brown to know where every crossing guard is in a public school in the state."

The Senator reminded the crowd of her support for Valley Water projects. Feinstein is seeking re-election to a fifth term in the Senate. The polls show here leading her Republican opponent Elizabeth Emken by at least 20 points. Feinstein was asked why she has refused to debate Emken.

Feinstein said, "She has no experience she has no program so the only thing that's going to happen is she was going to throw bricks at me and you get enough of that in everyday life."

Emken's campaign responded that: "Feinstein is an out of touch incumbent who finds it easy to say no."

Feinstein acknowledged that most in the crowd here were likely Republican leaning, but expressed hope they would support her efforts to get Congress working together again, no matter who wins the Presidential election.

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