Javier's Fresno West Golf Course to close for good

FRESNO, Calif.

Golfers are teeing off, taking one final swing at a course that's been in existence for more than forty years.

William Murrietta said, "It's an end of an era, emotionally it's kind of tough to get over."

Javier's Fresno West Golf Course in rural Fresno County will close down for good on Wednesday.

Louis Duran said, "It's a sad occasion a little bit, you may say that because a lot of people are not going to be able to come over here anymore."

Owner Louis Duran is calling it quits after running the place for 12 years. Despite having some of the lowest rates around, golfing has significantly dropped by half in the past two years.

Michael Torres said, "It's a drive out here, and the gas prices going up the roof, you're not going to get as many people driving on the road."

Louis Duran said, "Maybe they would come once a week, maybe twice a week and then they were coming once a month, so it hurts, it really hurt."

And it's hurt the upkeep of the course. The grass is not as green, and the water level for the ponds aren't as high. Back in the day, this used to be filled with water, making it one of the more scenic water features on this golf course but because of the high cost of maintenance, they've just been left to dry out.

And inside the club house, shelves are already empty as the owners get ready to move out. The 160 acre land has already been sold to a pistachio farmer. But players are still coming from miles away, hoping to get in one last game.

John Smith said, "It's just hard to say, but it kind of hurts."

And while golf balls will stop flying, memories will live on while reminiscing, at the 19th hole.

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