Teen claims she was kidnapped in NW Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

She told officers that a man in a ski mask attacked her in the Walmart parking lot off of Shaw and Brawley. She said he let her go after the attack. Hours later, dozens of officers, detectives and a few supervisors determined that the teen's story was inconsistent. There were different locations and different vehicle descriptions and no witnesses.

Detectives tell Action News, they're trying to "iron out" the inconsistencies in the girl's story. They reviewed surveillance video, went to nearby businesses, and went looking for vehicles with a similar description.

As of late Tuesday night, Lieutenant Anthony Martnez said they couldn't find any witnesses and the footage they saw did not capture any sort of attack. "We aren't learning anything that would discredit the victim. So that's what really makes it a mystery. That there remains so much inconsistency in her statement. And so we're doing our best to help her out".

He also said detectives are working to help her make sense of the story. The teen is home with her family.

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