Thieves hit the Sanger police gun range

FRESNO, Calif.

The crime unraveled when officers arrived at the gun range for training. They opened their storage shed- which they refer to as a "C-Train" only to discover all their range equipment was missing. They're still trying to put an inventory list together, but say the missing items are things like hearing protection, goggles, targets, papers and safety equipment.

Corporal Jaimy Gaines tells Action News, the crime occurred between the 19th and 30th of October. The range sits behind the city lot, past the animal shelter, city garage and various abandoned vehicles. The general public has daily access between 8 and 5. Investigators are trying to locate witnesses and are following leads. Gaines says, "We've solved crimes with a lot less information than we have so hopefully it'll be a positive outcome and we'll find who's responsible". She also said, "We'll heed our own advice and be more cautious at this point and take more safety measures and make sure our property is safe and secure".

Gaines said the items that were taken could easily be bought at a sporting goods store; no tactical gear or sensitive police equipment was taken. If you have any information, police hope you'll call.

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