Action News covers Giants World Series parade


We found it tough navigating through the sea of fans, but we did bump into Merced's Joey Mesa who wanted to capture the moments he'd remember forever.

"Ohh yeah it's my first time you know being in the parade. It's awesome. So many people you can feel the energy. It's crazy. It's crazy." said Mesa.

Derek Mehl is from Visalia but now calls San Francisco and many of Its colorful characters his new home.

"It's amazing. I mean considering that two years ago, it was their first World Series since they moved out here. And now they're two years later, they're back again who would have thunk it." said Mehl.

The extravagant event featured past Giants greats and of course our 2012 heroes. Amazingly this year's 25 man World Series roster featured 17 former Fresno Grizzlies.

So perhaps it's no surprise that the giants included the team like it did in 2010 with a spot in the parade and a World Series ring to boot.

"This is the greatest organization to be working with and we appreciate our affiliation with the giants and hope it goes on forever." Said Grizzlies Managing Partner Chris Cummings.

There were plenty of valley residents who enjoyed the parade. But 160 others from the Fresno area worked as security detail to help create a sense of controlled chaos.

It was all in an effort to celebrate the Giants accomplishments.

"Tommy Tran: how are you doing? Pablo Sandoval: Good. Great feeling you, you know being a part of this parade right now. And enjoy the moment with the fans." said World Series MVP Pablo Sandoval.

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