Good Sports: Korrin Wild

FRESNO, Calif.

Some athletes have to learn how to become competitive. Others are just born with competition engrained in their personalities. Well Fresno State Junior Korrin Wild falls in the latter category.

"It just kind of happened naturally," Wild said. "Being a part of two brothers and two sisters it always kind of seemed like the sisters were trying to beat the brothers to kind of shoot down their ego a little bit."

The youngest of five children, Wild has followed in each of her four sibling's footsteps, and both of her parents'… as a collegiate student athlete.

"We've always been really competitive, not just in sports but in school," Wild said. "We always wanted to excel in anything that we did."

"We knew she was really special," Bulldogs Head Coach Lauren Netherby-Sewell. "She just was a special kid from a special family that had something about her that made us confident that she could lead and drive a team."

She credits her family with providing a daily reminder growing up, to live up to the high standards of being a student athlete.

Wild explained, "You can be a good competitor and you can still show respect to the officials and to your opponents, who you're competing hard against, and show respect to each other and yourself, ultimately."

And those lessons came in handy more than ever earlier this season. When a prolonged slump sent the talented Wild, out of the starting lineup.

"She came through and just started fighting every day, just one day at a time, doing the little things really well," Coach Lauren Netherby-Sewell said. "And just that drive, that energy, that fighting spirit has really been a motivating factor for the team as well."

Wild has come back to lead Fresno State in service aces and digs, and is a close second in kills, as the Bulldogs compete for a Mountain West title.

"I would love a conference championship," Wild said. "That would be awesome. My siblings have been successful so I think it would be pretty fun to get up there with them and share a ring with them."

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