A mother's killer gets 25 years to life in prison

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Ervin Velasquez*/ heard his sentence of 25 years to life in prison for the crime.

Family members did not attend the sentencing Friday afternoon but did write a letter to the judge. It's a choice they made after much contemplation. They did not want to see their mother's killer, but are pleased with the punishment.

According to his attorney, Ervin Velasquez was relieved Friday after he was formally sentenced for murdering his girlfriend, 52-year-old /*Limbo Srey*/.

Velasquez pleaded guilty to second degree murder for shooting Srey to death. Police say after she was killed, he took her body and put it in a dumpster.

Defense Attorney Scott Baly said, "He's always expressed a great deal of remorse over this incident. He doesn't have any prior felony convictions, no convictions related to violence or anything like that. He does have a great deal of sadness."

/*Julian Srey*/ is Limbo's oldest son. He says he is satisfied with the punishment, but didn't feel is was necessary to see Velasquez in court.

"I feel there's no need to show up, to something like that to see his face," Julian Srey. "A lot of people might think that's something that would kinda please their hunger but then again it kinda fuels your hatred. And to me as a Christian, I forgave him, but you can never forget, you know."

Family members say Limbo Srey had a tough life and collected cans and scrap metal just to survive. Her children say they never approved of her relationship with Velasquez even before she was murdered.

"She was with him before, she had broken up with him but then she had got back with him and I just didn't understand why," Julian Srey. "It's like I told her, this guy is no good, and we knew about him having a gun."

According to court records, Velasquez initially claimed the shooting was an accident, but during sentencing the judge said a coroner's report revealed it was no mistake.

Family members say they are grateful less than a year after their mother's death, they have a suspect who took accountability and a sentence.

Julian Srey said, "He got what he deserved and exactly what we wanted from him because my mom was 52 years and for him to take her life, she had another 20 to 30 years."

According to his attorney, Velasquez has accepted the fact he will be living the rest of his days locked up. He is looking forward to moving onto the next chapter.

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