Both parties working to get out the vote

FRESNO, Calif.

Both major political parties are going door to door and making phone calls non-stop as we approach election day.

Both democrats and republicans are working overtime to get out the vote.

"Some people get busy during the day and they forget. A little reminder always helps," said Sandra Lakeman with the Fresno County Republican Party.

"We're basically trying just to push people to the polls now, trying to get the people who vote infrequently to consider voting this time," said Michael Evans with the Fresno County Democratic Party.

Both groups have hundreds of volunteers picking up shifts through the weekend. Phone calls help them keep track of who is planning to, or who has already voted. Of course the biggest race this Tuesday will be for the country's top seat.

A recent field poll shows voters in the Central Valley are split over keeping President Obama in office, or sending Mitt Romney to the White House.

ABC30 Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi says even if voters feel their ballots won't count toward the presidential race, a lot of local races depend on them. "There are so many other issues on the ballot that are so important to our everyday lives, that every person needs to get out and express their opinion, and cast that vote."

Capozzi says that's the driving force behind the phone banks.

Both parties said the calls will continue through election day.

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