Fresno police chase ends in Clovis crash

CLOVIS, Calif.

Police are now trying to investigate whether alcohol or drugs played a factor in the high speed chase that ended in Clovis.

Police said around 2 p.m. Sunday, they got a call from the parents of Chan Scott asking for police to check on him. When they arrived at the home, Scott stopped by the home briefly, and then left.

About an hour later the suspect showed up at the headquarters of the Fresno Police Department and tried to side-swipe a police car. That triggered a chase that sped through South Fresno, Highway 180, and Highway 168 and ended in Clovis.

"At one point the individual sped up and he attempted to go head on with one of the officers in a vehicle that was coming the other direction. He swerved from his traffic lane, into the oncoming traffic lane, and forced our police officer in his vehicle off of the roadway, on to the side of the street," said Lieutenant John Papaleo with the Fresno Police Department.

Officers said another car was impacted during the chase, but no one was seriously hurt. Chan Scott has since been taken into custody.

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