Frustration grows over Abbey Flooring closure

FRESNO, California

The landlord says the owners of Abbey Flooring and Design Center owe him $200 thousand in back rent.

More customers are also fuming after finding out the flooring company never paid sub-contractors for work they completed.

One customer says he paid Abbey $54 thousand, but now has a lien placed on his house by a contractor.

Walter Fieguth said, "We paid in good faith, thinking they were paying their subcontractors only to find out now that they didn't, and they've run off and now the subcontractors are going against the people who are innocent from the beginning."

Fieguth has filed a complaint with the Fresno County District Attorney's Office.

Abbey's landlord says the company has had financial problems for at least a year now and has bounced several rent checks.

Action News tried contacting the owners of the flooring company at their Northwest Fresno home but no one answered the door.

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