Valley Works: Choosing a major

FRESNO, Calif.

A young college student asking both candidates about the chances of getting a job once he graduates. Many college students are aware of the tough job market, so much so that a good number of them are letting the economy drive their choice of major.

It was that question during one of the presidential debates that got us thinking, what are 20 year old college junior Jeremy Epstein's chances of getting a job. According to published reports he is an exercise science major.

Fresno city college career counselor, Lily Hernandez did some research for us, and it appears Jeremy's job prospects for his major are better than average. He has a number of options, everything from an athletic trainer to a career in sports medicine, if he opts for a graduate degree.

Hernandez says not enough students take the time to research their career choice. Many who come through her office don't quite know what they want to do yet. She gives them the tools to make wise choices. There was a time when college was seen as a place for young people to explore their options, but we found that a number of students in this American Government's class at Fresno City College are letting the economy influence their choices.

Parents and students are both thinking about getting the best return on their college investment. According to a survey by Fidelity Investments, the top major's parents are encouraging their students to pursue: computer science, nursing and engineering.

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