Tips for surviving the temperature swing

FRESNO, Calif.

It's been such a strange week some people have gone from using their air conditioners one day to their heaters the next.

The chilly breeze blowing through the Valley was accompanied by threatening skies. For many the winter chill came as a shock to the system. People now bundling up were in short sleeves just yesterday.

Ian Williams at Fresno Ag Hardware says when the temperatures dip you can save on heating costs by weather-stripping windows and doors.

"You should be looking to seal up any gaps that let cool air come in, like this product right here. You put this at the bottom of the door and it basically seals off the bottom of the door. And then this guy goes along the ridge of your door and closes any gaps between the door and the door frame," Williams said.

It's also time to start thinking about covering some of your frost sensitive plants and pipes even though we don't expect freezing temperatures yet.

"It's just better to have them on and be safe rather than sorry," Williams said.

At the Allergy Center in Northeast Fresno Dr. A.M. Aminian expects the change in weather to cause problems among those with allergies and asthma.

"When it's windy and dusty, the dust storm, you can get all these particles attached to your hair and clothing," Aminian said.

Dr. Aminian says if you spend time outside, make sure you shower when you get home.

"Do not go to bed if you have long hair and you have all these dust particles because then you will be inhaling it all night long," Aminian said.

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