Salvation Army seeing more need for food

FRESNO, Calif.

However for some less fortunate families that may not be possible.

The Salvation Army is seeing more and more Valley families asking for help providing food.

With the holiday season just around the corner that means more families looking for help at a time when donation need is highest.

"The request for food goes up, people right now are looking for thanksgiving dinner," Salvation Army Social Services Director Paula Scribner said.

The Salvation Army says the face of need is changing. Its no longer just the homeless or the chronically poor but people we work with, live with and go to school with that need help.

"But the person who needs that turkey may be that person down the street or someone in your child's class. The economy is affecting everyone," Scribner said.

Donations will be used to serve warm meals all over the Valley and help bring holiday cheer to those who may worry for the first time in their lives, where their next meal will come from.

"Between now and Christmas, the next two months, are probably the time of year that families make memories that will last a lifetime and everyone can do a little," Scribner said.

Doing a little now can mean a lot to many families in the Valley this holiday season.

You can donate holiday meal items at any Salvation Army in the Valley.

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