Mountain businesses welcome snowfall

FRESNO, Calif.

Winter rolled in Friday night leaving crowds with this breathtaking sight of a fluffy-powder filled Shaver Lake. While some took in the picture perfect views, Marcos Salinas and his family drove up from Orange Cove to battle it out in the snow.

"It's amazing. I have never seen Shaver Lake like this," Marcos Salinas of Orange Cove said.

"This is like a winter wonderland like the song we hear, it's so beautiful out here," Mallory Marquez of Orange Cove said.

Despite some icy road conditions many who headed up the mountain remained excited about the start of ski season.

Staff members at China Peak say they saw 10 inches of snow fall overnight. They say if these temperatures keep up, they plan to open the resort by Nov. 17.

"We are into some real good snow making conditions right now so that's going to help and hopefully some more storms in the horizon," Paul Gray of China Peak Resort said.

Workers at the resort spent Friday night churning out snow from these machines but they're banking on a stronger winter than 2011.

"It was less than desirable that's for sure it made things tough for us we weren't able to provide all of the skiing and snowboarding that we normally like to," Paul Gray of China Peak Resort said.

Further down the mountain business owners like Norm Kato are also hoping for a better season on the slopes compared to last year.

"The season started late and it ended early s it definitely impacted everybody's business up here up in Shaver," Norman Kato of Shaver Coffee and Deli said.

Until the resort officially opens he and others here are relying on the business of those passing through to experience the powdery mountains.

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