CSU trustees to consider higher fees

FRESNO, Calif.

Discussion of the fees come just days after voters passed Proposition 30, Governor Jerry Brown's sales tax measure to prevent $6 billion in cuts to education.

High school senior Taciana Fields was taking advantage of a quiet campus this Veterans Day holiday to take a tour of Fresno State.

She and her mother say they were happy to see Proposition 30 pass last week because it meant tuition wouldn't go up at CSU campuses again this fall.

But the two are now worried new fees the CSU Board of Trustees are considering this week could make it difficult for the family to afford college.

CSU Chancellor Charles Reed argues the fees are needed to provide incentives to students not to take too many courses or repeat courses so slots can open up for others.

The first fee would require students to pay out-of-state tuition or $372 per unit if they take more courses than they need to graduate.

A second fee would hit students with $91 to retake a course.

The third fee would charge students $182 dollars per unit if they take more than a full course load or 18 semester units.

Today a group called CSU Students for Quality Education came out in opposition to the fees saying they would discourage students from graduating early or taking an extra load when classes are available.

"Students say they need more than 4 years to graduate because they can't get classes and because of their personal economic situation and not because they're taking too many classes and prefer to stay in school longer," Natalie Dorado of CSU Students for Quality Education said.

They're calling on the CSU Board of Trustees to postpone their vote and do some research on the availability of classes before they make a decision: a decision Taciana Fields believes would directly impact her ability to go to college and graduate within 4 years.

"I want her to go to college and I hate for that to be the barrier that makes the decision," her mother, Tiana Johnson, said.

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