Officer-involved shooting in the Tulare County town of Pixley

PIXLEY, Calif.

Investigators with the Tulare County Sheriff's Office say their "Target" Gang enforcement unit was after a wanted felon.

The Tulare County Area Regional Gang Enforcement Team got a tip that their subject was near Center and Allen in Pixley.

Sgt. Chris Douglass said, "They attempted to make contact with that person, it's a Caucasian male adult, at one of the local businesses. That person decided to flee and ran away on foot".

Officers are still trying to piece together what happened next.

Sgt. Douglass said, "I have not received any information in regards to the subject firing at the officers; the reason for the shooting is a big part of our investigation".

The events leading up the shooting are caught on surveillance cameras. Footage shows a man getting out of a car and immediately running near a convenience store. Seconds later, officers started running too.

Cecil Ray Elkins, Sr., tells Action News that the man who was shot is his son. He said, "If he rounded the corner they was not going to catch him. They only way they thought they could stop him was to shoot him".

Elkins says his son is known as "Tiger" around the neighborhood. His father tells us, his son has had his fair share of trouble. "We've all been in trouble, I've been to prison myself, but does that provoke what was justified, no I don't think it was justified the way they handled it and done it".

They also say "Tiger" was trying to straighten his life out. His dad tell Action News, he's not stopping until he gets answers. "This ain't the last of it. There will be war".

Investigators have not released which agency was involved in the shooting, and they're still reviewing the man's criminal history.

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