Dog kicked to death in Clovis home burglary

CLOVIS, Calif.

Greg Wilson is stunned anyone would target the quiet cul-de-sac and even worse, kill a family dog. "Actually it's terrible. It's very cowardly to be honest with you, "said Wilson.

Clovis Police got a call from the homeowner sometime after 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening reporting the crime. When officers arrived they found one room ransacked. "There were a couple of items stolen; a laptop and a firearm," said Janet Stoll-Lee.

Investigators tell Action News the most upsetting part of the crime is that the thieves killed the family's Pomeranian and it was the pet's owner who discovered the animal in the backyard. Detectives say the dog was kicked to death.

Clovis Police say residential burglaries are up this year. From October 13th to November 13th last year there were 27 burglaries in the city. During the same time this year that number jumped to 39.

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