Man dead after Kings County officer-involved shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

A man is dead after deputies say he tried to attack them.

The man shot and killed by deputies has not been identified but investigators say he's in his 50s.

The incident happened at a home on Kansas and 13th Avenues several miles south of Hanford.

Investigators say the man who was killed was threatening his family with a golf club. His brother is the one who called 911.

"He had a golf club in his hand and was swinging it violently, and making some egregious threats," Kings County Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam said.

Deputies say they've been called to the home many times before. This time Action News has learned the man's behavior was bizarre. He was threatening to break someone's bones with the golf club.

Once deputies showed up Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam says they spent at least a half hour negotiating with the man. Then came their chance to go in the home and arrest him.

"Verbal commands were given for him to drop the club, but he never did. He actually charged at our deputies," Putnam said.

An unidentified deputy shot twice, striking the man in the torso. Even then, Putnam says, the man didn't give up.

"He was still struggling with the deputies, still fighting with them. They were, at that point, trying to assist him with first air because he had a gunshot wound, obviously. But he was still belligerent and fighting with the deputies," Putnam said.

Putnam says the man later died at the hospital. The only other person in the home at the time of the shooting was the man's brother. He was not injured.

Detectives say he is cooperating with their investigation. Several family members live in the home. They are also being interviewed.

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