Valley charities seeing fewer donations

FRESNO, Calif.

Turkey donations are down across many non-profit groups in the valley.

Catholic Charities helps feed many hungry families daily.

But the need is always greater during the holidays.

This season the charity has seen a drop in turkey donations and organizers are worried they may have to turn away people this Thanksgiving.

Bob Wise came to catholic charities with a truckload of turkeys Monday morning - a personal delivery that carried special meaning.

"Because I was there, like these people I was there one time and I'll do what I can to help them," Wise said.

The dozen turkeys wise donated will go a long way to help needy families this holiday despite having to cutback on the big birds.

"I did probably twice as many last year, and again, I wish I could do more, but it's a little tough on the people who are trying to work and make a living out here," Wise said.

Wise is not the only one whose cutting back.

"Donations are a little slower coming in and I think part of it is the economy," Kelly Lilles of Catholic Charities said.

Catholic Charities gave out 700 turkeys last Thanksgiving. But so far the non-profit has received less than half of that amount.

"Whatever we give, is whatever we get to give out so however many turkeys that we receive this week, that's what we get to give out," Lilles said.

And other organizations are seeing a similar downward trend.

"This year we committed to 10,000 holiday meal boxes, but the reality is that we have requests for over 30,000. The need is so great in our community," Kym Dildine of Community Food Bank said.

Community Food Bank is giving out holiday meal packets with all the turkey trimmings but without the turkey. In its place families will take home a chicken.

And while the need is greater donations are down by 20 percent this season.

Community leaders are now hoping people can find it in their hearts to give thanks by giving to those in need.

Catholic Charities is still accepting turkeys they will hand out on a first come, first serve basis Wednesday morning.

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