Two bodies found in Tarpey Village home

November 19, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating a suspicious death in Tarpey Village. A postal carrier noticed newspapers and mail stacking up outside a Hammel way home. The carrier notified a neighbor, who then found an unlocked door and went into the home and called 911.

Investigators say the men had been dead at least a week. Neighbors say the pair are a father and son who kept to themselves. Kim Yrulegui said, "I've talked with a few other neighbors that have talked to them and the older gentleman, my neighbors know as a world war two vet and his son lives with them to help take care of him and stuff."

Investigators will only say it's suspicious, and for now, are classifying it as a homicide. "Until we can determine exactly what happened, double homicide, murder suicide, or natural causes, we can't say anything until we know that for a fact," saidFresno County Sheriff's Deputy Chris Curtice.

Neighbors worry about what led up to their deaths, and they wonder why it took so long for someone to notice that something wasn't right. "I didn't know them personally, I've seen them out and about while driving, wave, I wish I'd known them better, kind of makes you second guess your busyness when something like this happens."

Investigators have not identified the two men and are still looking for relatives.