Gas prices keep some Valley residents off the roads

FRESNO, Calif.

An exclusive Action News poll conducted by Survey USA found that nearly 80 percent of those surveyed will not travel this Thanksgiving.

14 percent plan on driving to be with friends and family and only two percent are flying.

Gas prices in Fresno have dropped 70-cents in the last month. The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is now $3.64.

Despite the dip it appears most Valley families will stay home for Thanksgiving.

It's impossible to miss the Christmas spirit even though we haven't even hit Thanksgiving.

Most of the folks shopping at Manchester Mall in Central Fresno plan to stay close to home. They'll spend their money on a family feast instead of filling up the tank for a long drive.

"It's going to impact us a lot. Yes it is because the gas prices right now are outrageous and we just can't afford it," Grace Naranjo of Easton said.

78 percent of those polled by survey usa don't plan to travel this week.

"In years past I'd hear, 'oh we're going to take a flight back home'. I'm originally from Kansas City and typically we would fly back home. But for the last few years we've kind of kept it local with just our immediate family staying close to home," Manchester Center General Manager Mo Bagunu said.

The fact more people will stay home may benefit local retailers on Black Friday. Some stores will even be open on Thanksgiving.

"The people stay in Fresno so the money stays in Fresno," Karina Rodriguez said.

Of those who do plan to get away, 44 percent will travel over 100 miles while 31 percent will travel fewer than 50 miles.

Andres Sanudo runs Elijah's Barbershop at Manchester Center. This year he's grateful he doesn't have to drive very far to see his relatives.

"Actually they're all coming down here from the Bay Area and Los Angeles area. We're all congregating in madera this year," barbershop owner Andres Sanudo said.

A quarter of the people polled said the economy makes it too difficult to take a long trip.

"We're going to stick around here. Probably go to my parents for half a day and then go to riverdale for the other half," Dina Ruiz of Fresno said.

Folks Action News talked to say they're trying to save their money during thanksgiving so they can maybe take an out of town trip during the Christmas holidays.

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