Exercising the power of giving at Fresno's Woodward Park

FRESNO, Calif.

Some people got up early Thursday morning to get a little exercise in before that big feast and it was also for a good cause.

In Thanksgiving tradition, thousands of people filled Woodward Park early morning to hit the trail for the 13th Annual Turkey Trot.

"It's a lot of fun to run here," Race Director John Volkman said. "The people from out of town join their family members, they run, burn a few calories and then they can go eat, eat and be guilt free this afternoon."

Many racers came dressed for the Thanksgiving occasion.

"We didn't dress up for Halloween this year and we were like what a better opportunity than to dress up for Thanksgiving," Krista Moore said. "So we're a little nuts."

These friends dressed up as a turkey, pilgrim and Indian.

Nathan Wahl explained, "Because Thanksgiving is amazing and I wanted to wear a turkey costume."

About 2,000 people trotted their way through the run and walk, some slower than others, but all having a good time and getting some good, healthy exercise in.

Here in Clovis, fitness fanatics worked out bootcamp style.

Jenifer Alcorn said, "What I know they are getting out of it is, about anywhere from a 500 to 1200 calorie burn, depending on the person."

The Thanksgiving workout taught by instructor Jennifer Alcorn, who gave participants a handful of high intensity exercises to do. Alcorn says not only is the exercise beneficial to her client's health, but it can help people find balance.

"But moreover they're getting that release of endorphins," Alcorn said. "They're not going to feel guilty enjoying the thanksgiving dinner and desert tonight."

In addition to burning calories, the Turkey Trot and the bootcamp class both gave back with donations to feed the hungry making it the perfect combination this Thanksgiving Day.


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