Emotion-filled reunions this Thanksgiving holiday

FRESNO, Calif.

A foggy start to the Thanksgiving holiday as thousands of people packed their families into cars, hopped onto trains and waited out delays at local airports. For some, those travel times were well worth the wait as they welcomed home their loved ones for the first time in months.

An emotional Thanksgiving reunion for Cindy Villar and her boyfriend Victor -- when he finally stepped off the plane at Fresno Yosemite International airport after it circled the tarmac three times on account of fog.

"It was amazing," Villar said. "I haven't seen him in such a long time. We've never been separated for more than a day and for seven months, it seemed like an eternity."

Victor left his home town of Kerman -- for boot camp in Goose Creek, South Carolina back in April. He says this is his first trip home since joining the Navy.

Victor Urrea said, "This is the only thing I've been looking forward to actually."

He wasn't the only member of the military families were anxious to see. Natalie Armistead and Stephanie Dubois showed up to the airport early to welcome home their son and brother Brannon, a Marine stationed in Missouri for the last 10 months.

"He's actually going to be leaving to Okinawa at the beginning of the year," Natalie said. "So this is a special year for us."

It's also a special year for the Petree family who eagerly awaited the arrival of their daughter Breanne, aboard an Amtrak train from Berkeley.

"Oh, I took a nice relaxing train ride," Breanne said. "What made me do that? It was easiest and it sounded nice to chill out before having all of the hustle and bustle of family."

And after a four hour trip on this Thanksgiving holiday, she and the others say they're ready for some turkey dinner.

"How is it to see her? Wonderful," Vicki said. "We get to see all of our family today so we're excited."

And while the members of the military we talked with said they have just a few days before they have to return back to base. They say they're thankful to be home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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