Fresno woman explains how "Date Bait" robbery turns murder

FRESNO, Calif.

Amy Cabbel and Victor Guerrero are on trial for the murder. The two women allegedly used as bait will testify against them.

Both Princess Hernandez and Sonia Miranda pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and took 11-year prison sentences in this case. They admit to being the bait for hard core criminals, and they're now afraid of what those men might do to them.

Amy Cabbel, Sonia Miranda, and Princess Hernandez stood together in court shortly after police rounded them all up on murder charges.

Not long afterwards, police caught the alleged mastermind, Victor Guerrero, and they all went their separate ways.

Prosecutors say Guerrero and another man used Miranda and Hernandez as "date bait." They sent the young women to the El Prado bar near Roeding Park to lure men out where the suspects could rob them. Juan Gonzalez and Jose Jacobo were their victims.

Jose Jacobo said through an interpreter, "He's not good and he doesn't want to remember that night."

Through a translator, Jacobo told Action News it was a great night gone bad.

Princess Hernandez admitted on the witness stand that she played a role in that. The judge wouldn't let us record her testimony because prosecutors believe she and Miranda could be targeted for gang retribution.

But Hernandez admitted to hatching the "date bait" plan with Miranda, and two men, including Guerrero, who she knows as "Mousey."

Her part of the crime worked and she led the victims into an alley where Guerrero and Julio Sanchez were waiting. But what she didn't expect was for Guerrero to start shooting when one of the victims resisted. Juan Gonzalez ended up at the coroner's office later that day.

Dr. Chambliss said, "Mr. Gonzalez died of a perforation of the brain as the result of a gunshot wound to the head."

Jacobo says he passed out and couldn't identify the attackers, which makes the testimony of Princess Hernandez and Sonia Miranda that much more important.

Guerrero's defense attorney says there's no physical evidence tying her client to the crime. She says Princess and the other witnesses are protecting another man who was arrested and released.

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