A new safe haven for pets in the city Tulare

TULARE, Calif.

Construction is almost complete on the facility that will have 80 dog kennels and 36 cat kennels. Currently animal control officers pick up any stray animals and bring them to the city of Visalia to be housed.

Tulare officials decided to run its own facility after they were faced with higher costs if they continued to use the city of Visalia's animal housing services.

Frank Furtaw with the Tulare Fire Department said, "Right about 5,000 square feet it's fairly new built in 2008 and it turned out to be a good retrofit for us and at that point we started doing the research for what we needed staffing housing."

Tulare will hire three kennel technicians to help run the facility. They are also looking for volunteers. Tulare's new animal shelter will open on January first.

In the video, Action News reporter Jessica Peres has complete coverage on the story.

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