Valley Works: Companies set to hire temporary employees

FRESNO, Calif.

Many employers will be looking to add to their staff after the first of the year and those first in line for a permanent job are the people they hire to help out during the holiday season.

All that online shopping done on, before and after Cyber Monday means these guys are going to be extremely busy.

"Our peak day which is going to be December 20th this year. We are going to ship about 27 million packages, which is about one million more than we did last year," Morgan Price of UPS said.

To help deliver all those packages, UPS hired an estimated 55 thousand seasonal employees nationwide to help during the holiday season 25 hundred in Central California, which includes Fresno.

They are coveted positions because the United Parcel Service is a company many people would like to work for. Full-time employees make a good salary with good benefits and ups has a strong promotion from within policy

"We see a lot more applicants than we hire so it's very competitive," Price said.

Human Resources Operations Manager Morgan Price says the best way to get hired is to start right here as a holiday hire. Price says one of the key attributes they look for in an employee is punctuality - being on time.

"Being in the delivery business, things are measured down to the second so we want people who understand and appreciate showing up on time," Price said.

UPS isn't the only company that hired extensively for the holiday season.

Target brought on additional workers to get them through Black Friday and beyond, and if you were hired you have a good chance of becoming permanent.

"We look to keep quite a few - upwards of 40 per cent or possibly more," Price said.

Benjamin Garcia, human resources with Target, says the company looks for certain qualities in their hires.

"First is being a strong team player contributing greatly to the companies culture," Garcia said.

They want someone who has a lot of drive; energy will be proactive and take advantage of situations that will help them grow.

"Next is networking, networking is very important let your intentions be known that you want to stay and you enjoy the position you are in," Garcia said.

Garcia says new hires shouldn't be afraid to ask for feedback or make decisions on their own - both companies, Target and UPS, put emphasis on customer service.

"Every package that we touch here at ups is somebody's package that they are sending to somebody or present. We want to make sure all our employees understand the role they play in getting that package to its in point safely," Price said.

Both UPS and Target management say its important that you treat your seasonal or part-time job like it is a full time position and that you show up and be professional every day.

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