Las Vegas Bowl: Fresno State Fans noticed

FRESNO, Calif.

The overwhelming consensus is that Central Valley fans want to go to Las Vegas.

People have dominated the Las Vegas Bowl's Facebook page and Twitter account over the past two weeks. But some are wondering if their efforts are going unnoticed?

So Action News spoke with Dan Hanneke. He's the Executive Director and here's what he told me over the phone Thursday.

"Well we obviously pay attention to that. The Fresno State fans social media efforts have been tremendous. And it certainly turned a lot of people's heads. And so we do look at that. We know social media is very important. And it's been impressive to see. It's very tough to make a decision. You always want to do what's best for your game, for you city, for the teams themselves. So this one is a tough decision as they all are. But there's a process and the process is in place. And you know we're going to be waiting until some things play out this week and make our announcement Sunday." said Hanneke.

If the 'Dogs don't go to Vegas it'll be the Hawaii Bowl against SMU.

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