Pedestrians turn out to Christmas Tree Lane


Organizers expect about 30 thousand people to show up on walking nights. Many we talked to say they show up to Christmas Tree Lane rain or shine.

The music, the lights and the fond memories are what draws so many people to Christmas Tree Lane.

"Just a whole bunch of lights you know, it's really fun," Lauren Lopez of Fresno said.

"It's a tradition, trying to instill some tradition in her," Alicia Lopez of Fresno said.

Alicia Lopez and her eight-year-old daughter Lauren walk the portion of Van Ness Avenue with thousands of others, every year, no matter what the weather.

"Today we thought it was going to rain and we still wanted to come," Alicia Lopez said.

Organizers say it takes about a million lights and months of planning to keep the tradition going.

"90 years and we only had two years one during the war and one during the energy crisis but we have been lit ever since," organizer Dean Alexander said.

But this year about 60 members from the Fresno County Sheriff's Office, Fresno Police and California Highway Patrol were in the area. The stepped up security comes after last year's stabbing that injured one person.

"I think it's something that raises concern but not something that can take away from what this is but I think the community was so outraged by that," Kristin Telles of Fresno said.

Christmas Tree Lane shuts down at 10:30 p.m. Saturday and the next walk night is Tuesday, December 11.

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