Fog delays schools across the Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

The thick fog blanketing the region caused school buses around the Valley to operate on a delay. "Our number one priority is student safety and making sure our buses are able to run and again our number one job is to get students to school and back home," said Madera Unified School District's superintendent, Gustavo Balderas.

The murky conditions were thickest on country roads in the area. Central Unified School District also operated on a two hour delay.

Fresno Unified School District's transportation director, Ralph Meza says schools delay routes when visibility is 200 ft. or less. But this morning his district started at a regular time. "This morning there was at least half a mile of visibility coming to Fresno," said Meza.

School officials across the Valley are reminding those on the road to slow down in these conditions.

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