Hammer used to assault Teviston home invasion victims


Investigators say the victims, two women ages 42 and 18, and a 20-year-old man were at the house when four men broke through the door.

Sgt. Chris Douglass said, "Two of them were masked and had handguns and one had a hammer and they did actually injure two of the victims with the hammer because there was some sort of struggle."

The two victims who were assaulted with the hammer Tuesday morning are not seriously hurt. Sgt. Chris Douglass says once the suspects were inside the house they pointed guns at the victims and demanded money.

Sgt. Douglass explained, "And they were able to obtain some so that was one of the main things they went in for and they ended up taking a cell phone with them."

Douglass says during this time of year, the sheriff's office sees an increase in home invasions and burglaries. She says the best way to protect yourself is keep your property lit and any Christmas presents or other purchases out of view, both in your house and your car.

Sgt. Chris Douglass added, "And if something should happen where someone does force entry into their home just go ahead and comply and try to be the best witness you can be don't try to fight or struggle with the person because your life is more important than the belongings that you have there."

Another piece of advice, close the garage door behind you before you bring any presents or other purchases inside your house.

Deputies have very few details on the suspects in Tuesday's home invasion. But if you know anything, you can remain anonymous and call police.

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