ABC30 visits Merced dentist accused of sexual assault

MERCED, Calif.

Even though he's not allowed to practice dentistry right now, Dr. Sang Park was still at his office Tuesday. So when he left, Action News confronted him.

Action News: "Dr. Park, you are accused of sexually assaulting your patients, is any of this true?"

Without a word he drove off. But he was less than abrupt with others who showed up at his office. Carol Cotton's family sees Dr. Park for their dental needs.

"He opened the door, and it was actually the doctor himself. Very concerned looking," Cotton said. "He looks crestfallen, that would be the word I would use to describe the look on his face."

The doctor is facing charges of sexually assaulting patients while they were sedated. Four women have come forward, including two who worked for the doctor.

The employees told Merced police they were abused 'after hours' while they were receiving dental treatment. Employees told investigators Dr. Park offers them deep discounts on dental work.

Cotton told Action News during her visit, she was asked to sign a document about her experience with the practice.

"So they asked me if I would sign this, not really a petition, just a statement that my experience, and my family's experience with Park dentistry has always been above reproach and he has always been kind and considerate and thoughtful and professional with me and the members of my family, and I signed it, because, it is true," said Cotton.

ABC30 IS also learning more about what the alleged victims are claiming. Many of their stories are similar. The women reported Dr. Park instructed them to wear loose fitting clothes to their dental appointments. He also prescribed blue pills to assist with sedation.

Several patients reported dental visits lasting several hours longer than they expected. In some cases, additional dental work was also performed. Patients told investigators specific details about the alleged sexual assaults, even though they were under some sedation. At least two patients initially thought they were hallucinating.

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