Re-energizing the neighborhood watch program

FRESNO, Calif.

For many people, home is where the heart is, but in an instant, your home can become a crime scene.

Officer Gary Taylor said, "Some criminals do come up and knock on doors just to see if somebody's home and if nobody answers, the next thing you know, they're going through your back door."

Many homes in neighborhoods in Clovis have Community Watch signs, but they're not all active in the fight against crime.

Valley real estate group, London Properties wants to change that by getting their own realtors to start or re-energize the program in their own neighborhoods.

Patrick Conner said, "If we can just get eyeballs, everybody looking out for each other, reporting crime, preventing crime, everybody's going to be better off."

Local law enforcement says being vigilant will keep you and your neighborhood safe.

"Calling police if there's anything suspicious," Officer Gary Taylor said. "I think a lot of people have been desensitized nowadays and they don't call and they found out the next day, something was broken into."

As part of the program, London Properties is providing flyers, signs and a website for neighbors to stay connected and know what's going on in their backyard.

Conner said, "We're revamping to try and curb crime in every area of town, in every neighborhood."

With the recent rise in crime, London Properties and police officers are hoping people will get more involved with the neighborhood watch program. They say just keeping an eye out can keep your neighborhood a lot safer.

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