First Madera African American council members sworn in

MADERA, California

Derek Robinson and Donald Holley were elected through the city's new re-districting, which allows each area of Madera to have council representation. Holley told Action News, "It gives people the opportunity to come out of their shell to want to do something for their area."

Robinson said, "We serve the people and we're looking forward to these four years, I'll do the best I can." As for the historic swearing in, Holley said, "I want to thank the city of Madera for allowing us to have the opportunity to represent not only as African Americans, but as Americans. With that, we can go farther."

The new mayor, Robert Poythress, addressed a packed city council chambers, "This is our city. It's not the government, it's not owned by someone else, it's owned by you and I." He also says the community is tight, and extremely united.

The council's first order of business is to focus on volunteerism, the neighborhood watch program and the adopt-a-school program.

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