Modesto's Burse looks to showcase big play ability

FRESNO, Calif.

"The ball goes up and he goes and gets it," said Fresno State Offensive Coordinator Dave Schramm. "It's his ball and he's done a great job like you said all year long of going up and getting the ball when it's been thrown his way."

Schramm is nothing but complimentary when it comes to Burse. Listed at just six feet tall, Action News cameras on game days capture his spectacular catches down the field against sometimes taller defenders.

"Man it's been you know a blessing just to get put in an opportunity and just be able to make those plays and actually come down with them," said Burse. "It makes it feel that much better and I'm just happy out here and blessed with them chances to make plays and make highlights."

The man responsible for throwing those jump balls says the ability to get up and get it aren't even his best attributes on the field.

"He does a lot of good things," said Bulldogs Quarterback Derek Carr. "I think his best attribute is how shifty he is though. If I ever get him the ball one on one I'm trying to get him the ball every time."

Number one is part of an receiving corps that features guys like Mountain West Conference Freshman of the Year Davante Adams, Rashad Evans, Marcel Jensen and Josh Harper. For Schramm, this dynamic group of young men have fulfilled his expectations as a play caller.

"It's one of the things we preach to our wide outs is being competitive for the football," said Schramm. "He is the picture perfect guy for us in doing that."

"It's just heart," said Burse, a Modesto native. "It's heart. Just wanting the ball, if you don't come down with it than nobody will come down with it so. That's just kind of my mentality and it's been working for me that's how it goes, that's how I do it."

For this team and for this offense, there's no place on the field where these 'Dogs won't attack you. Burse might seem like Superman, but Action News spotted him dropping a very catchable ball against Hawaii. But when the rest of us are human, maybe it's not that bad to be Clark Kent. Or in this case, Isaiah Burse.

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