McLane HS students became crime victims in San Francisco

FRESNO, Calif.

"We were out at Pier 39 for 45 minutes or so and we come back to the car, and all of our personal effects, gone," said Assistant Head Coach Dr. Bruce Lippmann.

"I'm mad and kind of sad at the same time. We just got done having fun and then we have to go through it... It just had to ruin the moment," said Dapree Fields. In all, about $3,000 worth of wrestling gear and personal items was stolen.

Sophomore Jay Jay Lozano placed 7th in the tournament as an individual. His medal was stolen along with some of his other items. "I worked really hard to get that medal and then for like, someone to take it away from me, it meant a lot to be and it can't be replaced," said Lozano.

An effort to replace their belongings is now underway on an online fundraising site and a local wrestling business has offered to replace their gear.

If you would like to make a contribution, here's a link to the account for the McLane athletes.

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