Two men taken out of Clovis home after standoff

December 12, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
An eight hour standoff is over after a SWAT Team served an eviction notice in the area of Griffith near Fowler in Clovis.

Both men inside are now in custody but one of them had to be tazed. The men were being escorted out of a foreclosed home they were living in.

Dennis Napier, 60, was led out wearing a helmet. Investigators say he tried fighting off a police dog and was bitten. But police still had to taze him. His son Sean Napier, 35, was taken to jail without incident.

Both men will be charged with resisting arrest but could be released from jail as early as Wednesday night.

In the video, Action News reporters Carlos Saucedo & Rick Montanez have complete coverage on the story.