Hitting the road for the holiday?

FRESNO, Calif.

The countdown to Christmas is on and this holiday season millions of Americans will hit the road, take to the skies or ride their way home. Experts say most holiday travelers will drive 50 miles or more this season.

Edna Valdez-Gilmore said, "We're actually going to go up to Shaver and spend some time in the snow."

Ally McLemore said, "We are going to stay in the area, family tradition we always go up to china peak, it's a great to go up there snowboarding."

AAA says drivers will also get an early gift: cheaper gasoline. However, this season, getting to grandmas will cost you more at the airport. On average, roundtrip tickets went up nearly $70.00 this year.

River Park Travel Manager Craig Mungary said, "With the consolidation of the airlines, we're seeing less competition and the airlines have less planes that they're flying."

Craig Mungary with River Park Travel has been busy helping Valley residents book last-minute travel plans. He says there are still ways to save.

Mungary said, "Be as flexible as you can give as many days before and after the days you absolutely want to travel."

So no matter what mode of transportation you take this holiday season, in the end... Valley residents say being with family is priceless.

McLemore said, "Every couple years we travel out to Utah to visit family, but I think it's a good time for families for to get together, travel wherever you can."

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