Beyond Made in America

FRESNO, California

Pollasky Avenue in Clovis embodies small town American charm. So it's no surprise that along this street, the holiday shoppers can find a lot of American-made products.

Betty Frost is hard at work inside the back room at Frost Oak Creek Creations hand-making baby bibs and clothes, her mom Liz busily knitting blankets.

Betty Frost said, "If you just sat down and did it, a day, but it takes two to four days when we're busy."

Tom Frost, Betty's husband added, "There's a lot of talented people that live here."

Tom Frost says his wife's creations aren't the only American-made products in their baby and home decor store. He says he makes a conscious effort to carry them, because customers ask for them. Customers like Gail Campbell.

"I'm very conscious of looking at labels and if it's made in America, it tugs at my heart," Campbell said. "I really wanna do it."

Pewter Chimes from Arizona woven pillows from North Carolina and not just American-made, but locally made too. Bird houses from an artist in Fresno. Metal work from Merced.

"A lady walked in and she says I wanna try to buy made in the USA," Tom Frost said. "She had four gifts to get and I was able to satisfy three of them."

This season, ABC's World News challenged viewers to have a "Made in America" Christmas.

The average American will spend $700.00 on holiday gifts and goodies this year. If each of us spent just $64 of that on American-made goods during our holiday shopping, the result would be 200,000 new jobs.

Peter Fong, director for Score, which helps small businesses succeed, says he's seen the "Made in America" movement make a difference.

"There is awareness out there and I think the consumer is the driving force," Peter Fong said. "Sure it costs a little more but the product is nicer, better, you can tell the quality."

Quality, the Frosts say their customers can count on, which keeps them coming back, and keeps the Frosts in business.

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