10 hospitals fined, including Kaweah Delta Medical Center


Kaweah Delta Medical Center was slapped with a $125 thousand fine by the state health department for not following established medical practices on two separate instances. After a thorough investigation, state health officials determined the facility's non-compliance, led to the death of two of its patients.

CDPH spokesperson Anita Gore said, "It's a long review process that is very intensive."

The first case took place in 2010 while a patient was giving child birth. According to the state's inspection report, the patient suffered extensive blood loss after giving birth. The report says proper measures to stop the bleeding were not taken by medical personnel, who failed to request assistance required by staff by law. As a result, the woman lost her life.

The other case took place in 2011, when a patient went in for abdominal pain. The state health department says while under nursing care, staff failed to monitor the patient's blood glucose levels. The report concluded staff wrongfully assessed the patient, resulting in his death.

Hospital administrators were not available to speak with Action News, but staff released the following statement: "We have reviewed these situations with everyone involved, including our senior leadership, to learn from them, improve patient care, update our policies, and make sure nothing like these incidents can happen again. In the last 2 years, we have taken a number of steps to ensure that we provide the highest level of care in our health centers. Such steps have included intensive training."

Gore said, "They are required to enter into a plan of correction submit a plan of correction to us and implement it so patient safety is protected and these instances do not occur."

This is the first time Kaweah Delta has been fined since the state began penalizing hospitals in 2007. Personnel involved in the cases are still employed.

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