Valley mom scores a new set of wheels

FRESNO, Calif.

Two weeks ago, Fresno mom Jessica De La Cruz thought she would have a very un-merry Christmas. Thieves stole her car and three brand new car seats, leaving no way for her and her three kids to get around.

"So having no car, having to rely on rides and getting across town to point A to point B to picking up kids to getting home, you know that's been just a lot of burden on myself, my husband and my children as well," Jessica said. "It's a little emotional."

But Thursday a group of auto shop owners gave De La Cruz an early Christmas gift.

The Fresno Select Group, made up of several automotive shops, spent time fixing up a Grand AM to give away. Recently they decided Jessica would be their Wheels of Hope recipient.

Jessica said, "I've been blessed with a miracle today, so I'm excited."

Jessica's mother heard about the Wheels of Hope program and thought her daughter would be the perfect recipient.

Brenda De La Cruz said, "I was like don't quit your job, have faith something's going to work out, have faith something's going to work out. So when Michael called me I think I was more excited than Jessica was I was like 'Oh my god, oh my god."

Jessica works with the elderly and says the new car will also help her take patients to their appointments.

Michael Poulsen said, "It makes all of us feel good inside that there's something good we can do to help make somebody's life better and actually affect their life."

"I thank them with all of my heart," Jessica said. "My children are going to appreciate it."

One Christmas miracle driving off in a new set of wheels.

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