Bringing smiles to King Elementary School this Christmas

FRESNO, Calif.

With Christmas just days away, Jolly Old Saint Nick set aside some time from his busy schedule to visit the boys and girls of King Elementary School.

King Elementary School teacher Monica Baker said, "It just warms my heart. I had one little girl tell me that Santa wasn't coming to her house because mom couldn't pay him like the other children."

One by one, the kids got a chance to visit with Santa Claus.

"He said ho ho ho," Notorious Fowler said. "I asked him. He let us pick the toy."

While some took their time really thinking about that perfect present, others set their sights quickly on the perfect toy.

King Elementary School Principal Jesus Perez said, "Look at their faces that tells you everything. These kids they appreciate every little thing that they get here so. It definitely makes their holiday."

The Christmas giveaway was all part of donation efforts from the Fresno County District Attorney's Office and St. Anthony's Church.

Fresno County Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Nelson said, "To see all these little kids, their faces light up to get a toy, it's priceless."

The groups came together to support teacher Monica Baker's efforts to give a piece of Christmas to every kid.

Baker said, "These children deserve to see what it is to, feel what it is to get a toy and have that excitement."

And as the entire school came by, many were left with the smiles, excitement and a reminder of what the holiday season is about.

A total of 450 students at King Elementary School received gifts Friday.

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