Hundreds in Fresno receive Christmas Day meal

FRESNO, Calif.

On any major holiday over the past 10 years, Pastor Ned Mallory, better known as "Mr. Rib", has been giving back by feeding those in need.

"I don't have much but I'm showing them you can go out even on Christmas Day and show love to other people besides your own," Mallory said.

On this Christmas Day, ribs were substituted with grilled chicken and deep fried fish. Mr. Rib and volunteers made enough to feed at least 300 people.

"I used to sleep down there on G Street brother, I used to be in the mission, not ashamed of it. My wife slept on one side with my kid, I slept on the other side with one of my kids, I've slept in cars, all this is God showing me how you can come up," Mallory said.

Mr. Rib's rebound story is a breath of fresh air for others currently struggling.

"Christmas was kind of hard this year, and I got a phone call saying Mr. Rib was doing this, so it's a blessing for us," Kamika Deloney of Fresno said.

And Santa Claus was also on hand to deliver more than 300 toys all donated by various local charities, bringing smiles to children's faces.

"She didn't really get anything from me for Christmas, so I thought I might as well get her something," Diana Santos of Fresno said.

Santos received a toy from Santa but she wasn't going to keep it for herself - she was going to give it to her niece.

"I always share with her, whenever she's hungry, I give her my food," Santos said.

And it's this attitude of giving back that makes the holidays extra special.

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