Parents spend difficult Christmas at hospital

FRESNO, Calif.

"It's really hard because for so long we were looking forward to Bentley's first Christmas," said Cheyenne.

The family says Bentley stopped breathing on Friday and is spending his first Christmas at Children's Hospital of Central California. His parents spend their days praying by his hospital crib and their nights here at the Ronald McDonald House.

Staff members at the non-profit spent the day cooking a traditional Christmas dinner. "I hope that it's settling that they can have that traditional feeling in the untraditional place that they are right now," said Gerald Arneson.

House manager Gerald Aneson said people donated more than a 100 toys this year for all the siblings of sick children staying at the house. The non-profit normally asks families to pay $15 a night but often waives the fee. A donor also paid for everyone to stay on Christmas Day for free.

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